Bridges Spectrum of Capital: How we define the sustainable and impact investment market

This report attempts to map out the broad range of risk/return strategies that exist within sustainable and impact investing – and to explain how these relate to the capital markets more generally. 


Bridges Impact Report: The Value of Impact

Bridges Ventures latest annual report illustrates some of the ways in which impact investing can, over time, deliver on its promise to produce better societal outcomes alongside attractive returns for investors.


To B Or Not To B: An Investors' Guide to B Corps


This report explains what B Corp certification involves and examines whether B Corps represent an attractive investment proposition.


Bridges Impact Report: Learning from a Multi-Fund Approach


Bridges Ventures latest annual report looks to quantify some of the societal impact achieved across the funds in the last year, and also examines the development of a multi-fund approach to impact investing.


The Social Business Frontier: How to recognise and protect social impact

PDF, 1.2MB

This report provides a framework to understand which businesses are delivering social impact, whether they are protecting that impact and how well that impact is protected.


Choosing Social Impact Bonds: A Practitioner’s Guide


The first piece of research that has looked globally across the first wave of SIBs to capture insights from early movers and reflect on the lessons learnt so far.


Impact Investment: The Invisible Heart of Markets


Harnessing the power of entrepreneurship, innovation and capital for public good


From the Margins to the Mainstream


Assessment of the Impact Investment Sector and Opportunities to Engage Mainstream Investors. A report by the World Economic Forum Investors Industries


Allocating for Impact

PDF, 650KB

A guide for how to integrate impact investments across a balanced portfolio


Shifting the Lens: A De-risking Toolkit for Impact Investment

PDF, 750KB

This report investigates five distinct risk factors that most deter asset owners, then investigates de-risking features that can mitigate each one, resulting in a practical de-risking toolkit for designing impact investment products.


Bridges IMPACT Report: A Spotlight on our Methodology

PDF, 4.4MB

Our guide for integrating impact into investment decisions, illustrated by case studies from the Bridges IMPACT portfolio.