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Enrollment for the 2017-18 cycle is now closed.


Impact investments generate both financial returns and a positive, social and/or environmental impact, aka the "double or triple bottom line."  The sector is growing rapidly and student interest in this topic is tremendous.

The creation of the MIINT program in 2011 was driven by student interest at Harvard and Wharton, and today we are on 26 of the top business and graduate school campuses in the U.S. and Europe.

Benefits of participating:

  • Schools can offer students a hands-on opportunity to learn how to be an impact investor, as a complement to your on-campus programs

  • Students learn first-hand how to be an impact investor - through sourcing, conducting due diligence on, and presenting a selected impact investing opportunity, for the chance to win an investment in your selected company from third-party, independent investors

  • Students connect with a wide network of like-minded students, advisors, industry professionals and leaders, all seeking to make social change through sustainable investing

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MIINT has a dedicated group of supporters who believe in the power of impact investing and the importance of providing top notch training to the next generation of impact investors.  These supporters provide both in-kind and financial support to the MIINT. 

Supporters include:

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